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Schloss Torgelow - A Private Boarding School in Germany
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Founded in 1994, Schloss Torgelow is one of Germany’s best boarding schools. It is a second home to gifted and talented children. Schloss Torgelow is a warm, conducive environment for them to learn about themselves and the world around them during their formative years.

Situated in Torgelow Am See, Mecklenburg-Upper Pomerania, Germany, Schloss Torgelow is one of the few private boarding schools in Germany.

The school offers to students who go home for a weekend a school bus to Tegel Airport on Fridays and pick ups on Sundays. There are also shuttle buses to Hamburg and Berlin


Students from all over Germany and the world come to Schloss Torgelow for the high-quality education that it has consistently provided for over two decades. The school is best known for its dedicated educators who help their students prepare for the Abitur exam.

The institution aims to raise a versatile studentry that can overcome real-life challenges outside the four walls of the classroom. To fulfill its mission, the school guides its students and imbues them with values such as humanity, tolerance, social responsibility, and initiative – values that cannot be learned through chalk-and-talk.

The school, founded by the Lehmann family in 1994 – and family-owned since then, voluntary limits its class size to 12 students. This practice fosters a learner-oriented academic culture that pays attention to every student’s needs, learning pace, and abilities. In this kind of classroom, no one is left behind.

The students of Schloss Torgelow are selected based on their willingness to learn and receptiveness to school-based education. Schloss Torgelow’s cooperation with international educational institutions in France, Argentina, and the United Kingdom opens up opportunities for its students to travel and learn in different settings and cultures.

Boarding is closed only during the holidays, particularly during “lange Wochenende” or the bank holidays. 

Core Values

Results-based learning and social harmony are at the core of Schloss Torgelow’s values.

With a maximum of 12 students in a class, Schloss Torgelow’s students learn more and achieve more. This approach also strengthens students’ communication and social interaction skills, helping them build lifelong relationships with their teachers and schoolmates.

Students live in a highly responsive community: They meet a lot of people who hail from different backgrounds and nationalities. Educators, staff, and students thrive in an environment of mutual respect. 


Schloss Torgelow offers education to male and female students aged 10 to 18 years. The teachers teach, and the students learn more effectively with the modern double-period timetable. This principle is adjusted to a student’s attention span and takes into account his or her preferred class flow.

The school also has a fresh approach to homework: Completing assignments has a fixed place in the daily class hours. Students from Years 5 to 8 accomplish them together as a class, supervised by a mentor. Come the ninth year, the best students are allowed to do their homework independently. Their main entry points are Year 5, 7, 9 and 10 but in general students can join Schloss Torgelow in all year groups except Year 12.

Schloss Torgelow is proud of its alumni for leaving school with flying colors, but more than that, Schloss Torgelow is proud they’ve grown into socially responsible citizens of the world. In 2018 Schloss Torgelow students achieved one of the best Abitur results in Germany with a grade point average of 1.67.

Schloss Torgelow is also recognized as an Internal Test Centre for Cambridge ESOL language certificates.

Extracurricular & Boarding Activities

Schloss Torgelow students get to participate in 75 school activities in a week. The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities in the scientific, artistic, and athletic fields among others.

The weekly activities include e.g. golf, football, sailing, judo, art, fashion design, athletics, biology, riding, music, swimming, rowing and many others. It offers following leisure facilities: gymnasium, fitness centre, indoor golf simulator, tennis court, stadium with tartan track and artificial turf, boathouse, dining hall, cafeteria, disco, and cinema. 

The school also organizes activities during the weekends as cinema visits, bicycle rides, and canoe trips. The students’ family and friends may make arrangements to join these activities.

Schloss Torgelow also hosts an annual six-weekend activity where everyone is encouraged to join. During these six weekends, students participate in cultural events and sports competitions and enjoy a Saturday evening dinner in a festive atmosphere.

Schloss Torgelow - A Renowned Boarding School in Germany

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  • Day Tuition

    Year 5-7: 7,268 € / year 8-10: 7,773 € / year 11+12: 8,208 €

  • Boarding Tuition

    Year 5-7: 33,222 € / year 8-10: 34,563 € / year 11+12: 35,527 €

  • Scholarships



  • A-Level pass rate

    Results of Abitur 2018: 1,7

  • University entrance


Teaching Environment

  • Total enrollment


  • Setting


  • Teacher - student ratio


  • Average class size


Programmes of Study

  • Academic programmes

    German Abitur

  • Extracurricular programmes

    Writing / Judo / Cooking / Astronomy / Photography / Informatics / Drama / Model United Nations / Archery / Golf / Orchestra / Choirs / Athletics / Badminton / Rowing / Dance / Duke of Edinburgh's Award / Debating society / Chess / Table tennis / Basketball / Horse-riding / Volleyball / Tennis / Swimming / Sailing / Music / Art / Theatre / Football / Hockey / Fashion Design


  • Main language


  • Language courses offered

    Spanish / Russian / Latin / French


  • Girls


  • Boys


  • Age of entry


  • Age of entry to boarding houses

    9 +

University Preparation

  • University counselling


  • Career counselling



  • Full boarding


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