The best après-ski bars in Austria

Some say that après-ski is the most important part of a day outside skiing and nobody would agree more than the Austrians. After all, they do claim to have invented it themselves! So it should be no surprise to know that the alpine country is home to some of the most popular and innovative après-ski bars in Europe.
After an exhausting day on the slopes there is nothing quite like enjoying a few drinks with friends and family. But when you are in Austria, choosing just one après-ski bar to go to is almost as tough as choosing a ski resort. There are way too many. And they are all so good! Fortunately, we’ve managed to narrow them down to 5!

5. Lech Bar & Lounge, Lech

The bar in the Kristiania Hotel in Lech is one of the most elegant après-ski bars in Austria, thanks to its refine decoration and relaxed atmosphere. A warm professional staff serves a wide variety of cocktails, creative delicacies, afternoon teas and coffees while guests admire the unique views of the mountains or listen to the fine tunes being played on a superb grand piano.

Please bear in mind that the dress code is casual during the day and smart casual during the evening.

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4. White Lounge, Mayrhofer

Located in Mayrhofer, on the Ahorn plateau, this 6-metre high igloo bar is unlike any other bar in the region. Made entirely with snow, the interior features artfully designed spacious areas and sculptures that make each visit an unforgettable experience. It features furniture made of wood and candlelit lounges that are perfect for sitting down and relaxing after a ski session.

If this is your kind of place, you’ll be glad to know that it’s possible to spend the night as there are 7 superb igloo suites!

3. Mooserwirt, St. Anton

Right on the slopes, the Mooserwirt has been infamously known since its opening in 2000 as the bar that serves more beer than any other bar in Austria. From 4pm, thousands – yes, thousands – of skis are piled outside its door and skiers flock around the entrance to enjoy the live music sessions and the wide selection of drinks. It gets very crowded and very quickly, but that’s the fun of it!

Those looking for something less crowded or refined can go to the recently opened Mooser Hotel, located just below the level of the après-ski bar.

2. Trofana Alm, Ischgl

Ischgl is considered one of the best après-ski places of Europe and it is here that this big old, wooden barn turned bar can be found. Despite its rural style, it’s incredibly spacious on the inside and aside from a huge selection of drinks you can also enjoy tasty pizzas and fondues in the evening. After 10.30pm, it becomes one of the best night clubs in Ischgl.

If you do plan to visit, watch out for waiters carrying up to 10 beers in just one hand!

1. Krazy Kangaruh, St. Anton

Located on the slopes, 300 metres away from the main Gailzig lift in St. Anton, this bar prides itself as being the place where après-ski started back in 1974!

Although the name may suggest that it’s only for partygoers and the crazy at heart, those wishing to enjoy a hearty meal are more than welcome to taste the superb hamburgers and Wiener schnitzels served from 11am to 2pm. Just an hour afterwards, the loud pumping music begins to blast out of the loudspeakers and glühwein is served and drunk as it if were water. Dancing on tables is quite popular and some do it until the bar closes at 8pm.

Whatever you are into, just remember that you have to ski all the way down!

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