What to do on holiday in St Anton

St Anton resort guide: discover the very best of this fabulous outdoor paradise with our quick guide to the very best places to eat, sleep and shop in St Anton in the Austrian Alps.
A quaint and traditional Alpine town, St Anton is one of the gems of the Tyrol region in Austria. It offers guests the chance to experience real Tyrolean hospitality, cuisine and architecture.

With 440km of ski runs in the Arlberg region – at the heart of which St Anton lies – there is sure to be a ski slope to suit every ability and desire. Whether you’re a first timer or looking to get away from the crowds to really take on the mountain, St Anton is the perfect choice for your luxury ski holiday in the Austrian Alps.

A wide range of luxury accommodation and dining options mean that when you’re not on your skis, luxury, comfort and relaxation will be the order of the day.

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Best ski areas

Making up part of the huge Arlberg skiing region, St Anton offers slopes both immediately surrounding the town and a whole variety of slopes just a shot bus ride (or ski trip if you’re feeling energetic!) away. Beginners, experts and those looking to focus on flips and tricks are all catered for. Below you will find our top areas for different abilities of snow sport enthusiasts, and access to a complete resort view as well.
Visit Website - Best for freestyle + snow boarders: Stanton Park Visit Website - Best for expert off-piste: Valluga “Off the back”Visit Website - Best for beginners: Blue run from Galzig to St Christophe Visit Website - Best for intemediates: Stuben ski areaVisit Website - St Anton piste reviewVisit Website - Download St Anton piste mapVisit Website - Download Arlberg piste map

Best ski schools

As a popular Alpine ski resort, it should come as no surprise that St Anton has all the amenities required to help a whole range of guests make the most of their time on the slopes. With expert and experienced ski schools that cater for children, beginners, families and those looking to push the boundaries a bit, St Anton is the perfect ski resort to learn to ski from scratch or build on your existing experience. Below are our favourites, and with a link to all St Anton’s ski schools, our quick guide is sure to point you in the direction of the best ski school for you.
Visit Website - Best for private lessons: St Anton Classic Visit Website - Best for off-piste: Arlberg Alpin Visit Website - Best for kids: Ski School Arlberg Visit Website - Best for snowboarders: Ski St Anton Visit Website - Best for ski touring Alpine Faszination Visit Website - More ski schools in St Anton

Best mountain huts

With such a massive mountainous area right on your doorstep, it’s quite likely that you’ll want to really explore the stunning scenery above and beyond your immediate surroundings. One of the best ways to do that is a longer hike, and the St Anton region has several mountain huts that provide comfortable overnight accommodation. Once you’ve planned your route, be sure to phone ahead and reserve accommodation. Contact details are provided below, or contact the tourist office for more information.
Visit Website - Mountain huts in St Anton region: Visit Website - Full list for the whole Arlberg region (summer only): Visit Website - St Anton Arlberg Tourism

Best places to eat

St Anton is Austria’s premier ski resort and attracts a multi-national clientele. To meet their demands, St Anton boasts a whole host of fine dining restaurants serving traditional and worldwide cuisine. With such a range of choice knowing where to go for which type of dining can be a bit of a challenge. Our quick guide will give you the very best of the best, and a full link is given so you can explore all of St Anton’s dining options and decide which one is best for you.
Visit Website - Best for Alpine ambiance: The Museum Restaurant Visit Website - Best for Italian cuisine : Ben Venuto Visit Website - Best for fine dining: Raffi Stube Visit Website - More restaurants in St Anton

Best winter sports

For those of you who want to try your hand at something other than skiing, St Anton offers more alternatives than a lot of Alpine resorts. If you want to keep the speed of skiing, there’s various other ways to get down the slopes, like tobogganing. Otherwise, why not try out the incredible indoor climbing facility or a snowshoe walk, to experience the mountains up close and personal at a more relaxed pace. Our quick guide – with our favourites and a link for all St Anton winter sports – is all you’ll need to have a great time whilst leaving the skis at home.
Visit Website - Best for Tirol winter climbing: Arlberg Alpin Visit Website - Best for indoor + ice climbingVisit Website - Best for tobogganing: St Anton Tourist Office: Visit Website - More winter activities in St Anton

Best summer sports

St Anton is a year round hive of outdoor activity. Whilst snow on the upper slopes can stay well into April/May, when it melts, there is a whole new range of fun, exhilarating activities to try. The Via Ferrata, mountain biking (skis aren’t the only way of getting down a slope very fast!) and watersports come into their own in the summer season. With our one-stop guide, you’ll have everything you need to make sure your luxury summer vacation in St Anton is just as memorable as any winter trip.
Visit Website - Best for canyoning: H2O Adventure Visit Website - Best for mountain biking: St Anton Tourist OfficeVisit Website - Best for paragliding: Flight ConnectionsVisit Website - More summer activities in St AntonVisit Website - Read St Anton summer sports reviews

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