Best cafés for brunch and breakfast in Barcelona

Waking up in Barcelona and your hotel doesn’t feel like the best place to have the perfect breakfast? Do not panic. It might be tremendously difficult to find good breakfast cafés in the city, but Jahn Schlosser, author of the phenomenal book ‘#BCN – by locals’ gives us top insider tips.

1. Cup&Cake Barcelona, Carrer de Enric Granados 19

Nahe der Avinguda Diagonal, einer der Hauptstraßen Barcelonas, perfekt in einem verkehrsberuhigten Bereich – oder Carrer auf katalanisch – gelegen, hat sich Cup & Cake schnell zu einem der beliebtesten Cafés der Stadt entwickelt.

Sogar die BBC berichtete über die köstlichen Cupcakes und Kuchen sowie die Erfolgsgeschichte des neuen Cafés mitten in der Wirtschaftskrise.

Wenn süßes Gebäck nicht so Ihr Ding ist, sollten Sie das hausgemachte Brot probieren! Viel Holz in der Inneneinrichtung und klare Formen sorgen für eine angenehme, moderne Atmosphäre: sehr gemütlich.

2. Teresa Carles, Carrer de Jovellanos 2

So this is not exactly a café, but it’s undoubtely one of the best places in Barcelona for a vegetarian brunch. It is so good that even non-vegetarians visit it to indulge themselves into its healthy breakfast menus and brunch which are available from 9am ‘til 2pm.

The cafe can be easily reached by underground thanks to its location close to Plaça Catalunya, which is also perfect to start exploring the gorgeous seaside city; something which you can plan while waiting for your food as WIFI is available!

All the fruit and vegetables are incredibly fresh and it’s one of the few places in Barcelona where you can eat scrambled, poached and sunny side up eggs. If you love cheese, we recommend the brie omelette.

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3. Granja Dulcinea, Carrer de Petritxol 2

A stone‘s throw from the popular and tree-lined pedestrian street La Rambla is the nostalgic Granja Dulcinea, ideally located to explore this area of Barcelona, which is known as Ciutat Vella (the old city, in Catalan).

It is a must stop for anyone wishing to taste traditional Catalan delicacies such as ensaimada, xurros amb xocolata (churros with hot thick chocolate, in order to dip the pastries in), crema catalana (a Catalan crème brûlée) or mel i mató (Catalan fresh cheese and honey).

All the dishes are artisanal and made with natural ingredients. Jahn’s recommendation during wintertime is to ask for a ‘chocolate suizo‘ (Swiss chocolate). And you can easily understand why: this hot beverage is made entirely of hot chocolate topped with thick cream and is both sweet and perfect to warm up!

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4. Federal Café, Carrer del Parlament 39

Named after a quiet small town in Northern New South Wales, Federal Café brings a bit of Australian charm to the Mediterranean. In fact, even the exterior of the coffeehouse resembles an Aussie building!

Inside, the relaxed atmosphere invites coffee lovers to talk long hours over a cup or two of joe or walk up to the rooftop terrace and socialize under the warm sun until midnight! It can get crowded on weekend mornings but we encourage you to go nonetheless; the waiting is truly worth it!

Aside from fresh ingredients and a unique ambience, it offers a great starting point from where you can start your tour of the city as it is set near Avinguda del Parallel and close to the vibrant Mercat de Sant Antoni.

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5. Buenas Migas, Plaza del Mar 1

One of the things that makes Barcelona such an special city is its location by the sea and its beaches; in particular La Barceloneta beach. It is here that Buenas Migas is located; making it perfect for those wishing to start the day with a walk along the beach promenade or an early bath.

Owned by an Italian and an Englishman, here you can try products originally from Liguria (Italy) and Cornwall (England) and feel-good traditional and family recipes.

All the bread and pastries are hand-made but for a unique start to the day, we recommend you to try the focaccia de l’hort, a hearth bread originally from Genova topped with olive and salt and vegetables.

If it feels like too much, ask for take away and enjoy it as a midday snack. Yum!

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