Best fine dining experiences in Mykonos

Indulge all your senses during your Mykonos holiday with our list of our favourite gourmet restaurants and exclusive dining.
After a day soaking up the sun or savouring the swells, there’s nothing like a fine meal. Our experts have scoured the island to find the best. Take a bite out of our guide to the best dining on Mykonos.

VIP Restaurant—Petasos Beach Resort and Spa

The name says it all. At this exclusive gourmet restaurant you’re sure to be treated like royalty. See the Aegean Sea spread out, shimmering beneath your feet, the sun glowing on the horizon, while you indulge in some of Mykonos’ finest cuisine.

Greek dishes get a dash of international flare at this deluxe restaurant, appealing to even the most discriminating palates and sure to astound as much as the spectacular view.

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Familia Restaurant

A new addition to the impressive list of Mykonos restaurants, Familia quickly pushed ahead of the crowd with their unforgettable cuisine, charming, homy atmosphere, and impeccable service.

As the name suggests, this restaurant evokes a feeling of family. Located right within the city of Mykonos, the beauty of the setting and the tantalising tastes of the Mediterranean cuisine will quickly transport you to bliss.

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Kiku Restaurant - Cavo Tagoo Hotel

Japanese dining comes to Mykonos in all its style and deliciousness in the form of Kiku at Cavo Tagoo. An exciting marriage of Japanese and Greek design makes for an exceptionally chic atmosphere of white awnings, calm pools of crystal-clear water, and spectacular ocean vistas.

The cuisine more than lives up to the setting, with traditional Japanese dishes reinvigorated with Greek flare and supremely fresh ingredients.

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Uno con Carne

In a revolutionary combination, Uno Con Carne matches the freshest Aegean seafood with fine, Argentinian-style meats to create a unique and delectable culinary experience.

At the Oyster Bar, enjoy the finest shellfish while sipping on the bar’s famous array of fine wines. Meanwhile, the Steak House serves up perfectly cooked cuts of exquisite steaks and other meats, all amongst the refined charm of the restaurant and the wondrously beautiful garden.

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Ambrosia Restaurant—The Royal Myconian Hotel

When it comes to fine Greek dining, few restaurants hold a candle to the Ambrosia Restaurant. Set high above the bluest blue Aegean Sea with views that stretch to the golden sunset, it might be easy to forget about a meal.

But at the Ambrosia Restaurant, the exquisitely prepared Greek delicacies and fine wines just might overshadow the glorious view.

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