Best places for relaxing holidays in Santorini

Lie back, put your feet up, and let our insider guide lead you to the most luxurious ways to relax on the islands of Santorini.
The Greek islands seem custom made for putting your feet up, soaking up the rays, and basking in unmatched tranquility. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of our favourite relaxations on the most chilled-out of the sunny Grecian isles: Santorini.


What is white, black, and red? It’s no joke, the beaches of Santorini boast a stunning variety of colours and backdrops, making them excellent places to soak in the sun, the sand, or the sea.

Try the three black-sand beaches, Perivolos, Perissa, and Agios Georgios, for easily accessible, tourist-friendly fun with plenty of restaurants. The Red Beach and the White Beach are two coves with stunning, distinctly coloured cliffs and are much less visited than the three black beaches, making them ideal for a tranquil time.

The White Beach especially, is very secluded, as it can only be accessed by boat or on foot. The Monoliths beach too, is less frequented and great for families, with its beautiful views, soft sand, and shallow, calm water.


Nothing says bliss like a day at the spa.

Head to the Vedema Luxury Resort for some exquisite pampering in the luxurious spa. This Asian-influenced oasis is composed of ultramodern spa facilities where you can enjoy some of the finest treatments on the island.

Holistic therapies including a host of massages, facials, wraps, and scrubs will relax you into an angelic tranquility, thanks to the highly-specialised staff. Drawing on the magical restorative powers of the spectacular land- and sea-scape that surrounds the luxury resort gives guests a unique level of relaxation.

Discover the luxurious bliss at the Vedema Resort and Spa.


To enjoy the hypnotic lull of the sea to its fullest, there’s nothing like a luxury yacht trip.

Sooth yourself in sunlight and the spray of the sea aboard Santorini Yachting’s famous day-cruises. Eleftheria is an “all-Greek” wooden ship that will sail you around the enchanted Aegean islands, starting from the port of Vlychada, stopping for rejuvenating beach and hot spring swims, sailing the Caldera with views of Fira, the Old Port, the volcano, and the breathtaking sunset.

Santorini Sailing also offers bespoke day-trips throughout the Cyclades with gourmet meals aboard their ultramodern luxury catamarans. There’s truly no better way to experience Santorini.

Visit Santorini Yachting website.

Visit the Santorini Sailing website.