The best vineyard tours in Santorini

While the volcanic islands of Santorini are known more for their sun soaked beaches than their tantalising varietals, take a stroll through these top vineyards and you’ll discover a mouthwatering world of wine.

With a bouquet of distinctive flavours resulting from the dry, volcanic soil and unceasing sun, the wines of Santorini have recently become famous throughout the wine world.

From the exquisite Vinsanto dessert wines to the deliciously dry white Assyrtiko, Santorini’s designation of origin is making a name for itself. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite vineyards and tours to guide you to a true taste of the islands and experience the unique and exciting world of Santorini wine.

Gavalas Winery, Megalochori

For a pure taste of the Santorini wine region, head to Gavalas family winery. The Gavalas family has been entwined with Santorini vines for hundreds of years, always striving to produce the finest wines from the grapes indigenous to Santorini.

Located on the dramatic cliffs near Megalochori, south of Fira, a visit to this winery offers an indelible gulp of the winemaking industry on Santorini both then and now throughout their charming wine museum and vineyards.

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Estate Argyros, Mesa Gonia

Priding themselves on their traditional winemaking methods, Estate Argyros has been offering tastes of Santorini since 1903. Yannis Argyros, the third generation winemaker at Estate Argyros, specialises in the use of the highest quality grapes, including Assyrtiko, Mavrathira, and Voudomato, to make his award-winning dry whites and dessert wines.

Listed as one of the world’s 100 best wineries by Wine & Spirits Magazine, these vintages are exported all over the world—but the best are kept right here on the island.

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Santo Wines Winery, Pyrgos

One of the more contemporary wineries in Santorini, Santo Wines Winery was opened in Pyrgos in 1992 and uses a careful balance between modern technological innovation and traditional winemaking methods to create some of Santorini’s finest flavours.

One of the best parts of this winery is the cliff-top terrace, where, after the excellently organised wine tour, guests can sample some of the award-winning vintages of the renowned dry white wines from Assyrtiko and Nykteri grapes, while drinking in the breathtaking views of the Aegean.

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Canava Roussos, Mesa Gonia

Benefitting from the unique volcanic ecosystem and climate, nearly 200 years of careful grape growing, and the finest artistry and preparation techniques, the Roussos family-owned winery produces what are likely the island’s finest wines.

Most famous of the 7 wines produced here are the sweet Vinsanto (“sacred wine”), and the delectable white Nykteri. At the winery’s taverna, guests can enjoy a traditional Greek feast, paired with carefully chosen vintages and spectacular sea views, making for a true Santorini experience.

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Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum, Vothonas

Discover the rich history of Santorini’s vineyards and wineries at the Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum, in Vothonas. Delve 8 meters below the ground into a labyrinth of history, where audio-guides in 14 languages give you a unique opportunity to learn about Santorini’s winemaking, from 1660 to the present day.

Follow it up with a chance to taste 4 of the Koutsoyannopoulos Winery’s finest wines for a chance to keep Santorini’s wine past alive.

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