Best Muslim friendly luxury hotels in Munich

Munich has much to offer the discerning holiday maker including a fantastic array of art galleries, museums, markets and whole hearted Bavarian culture. Enjoy it all in maximum comfort with our selection of the best hotels for Muslim guests...

As a Muslim traveller your hotel must be conscious of your needs and requirements. At My Premium Europe we are sympathetic to this. So too are the fantastic range of Munich hotels that we represent.

Take a look at our top 5 Islamic friendly stays in the Bavarian capital:

Anna Hotel

The Luxury Anna hotel offers a modern and forward thinking attitude to hotel design; matched with creative and innovative cuisine served up in the renowned Anna restaurant. This provides the perfect environment to unwind in, made all the more relaxing by the range of services such as Arabic television channels, allowing Muslim guests to really feel at home.
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Hotel Munchen Palace

A quaint and understated boutique hotel in the heart of Munich with enough luxury comfort to hide yourself away and forget the world you’ve left behind.

But don’t be fooled by its laid back attitude, this charming hotel offers much in the way of spa services and cuisine. This includes a halal option as well as female spa therapists for Muslim ladies, and even a selection of room facilities to add that little something extra to your stay.

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Hotel Konigshof

This luxury 5 star hotel certainly offers a grand option for your Bavarian experience. Though opulent, the Konigshof is delicately designed and truly is a wonderful environment from which to set out on your exploration of Munich.

Luxury hotel Konigshof can also provide non-alcoholic minibars, female housekeeping and room service staff, Arabic television channels and pork free cooking arrangements, making it a Muslim friendly, majestic choice for your Munich adventure.

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Hotel Excelsior

Warm and welcoming with a rugged wooden interior gives this luxury hotel an authentic German edge. The gentle glow of the hotel lights may even add a hint of romance to the charming 5 star Hotel Excelsior, and with the excellent restaurant you can enjoy the culinary delights of Bavaria without leaving the hotel!

The restaurant can also serve food with the guarantee of pork free cooking arrangements. This combined with an Arabic TV channel service as well as a non-alcoholic minibar means the hotel can be well enjoyed by Muslim guests.

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Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munchen

Amid the top sights, galleries, museums and theatres that surround the Maximilianstrasse, a grand boulevard running through the heart of the action in Munich, you will find the luxury Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski. The stand out feature of this excellent establishment may well be the spa, elevated above the busy Munich streets with excellent views of the city.

This service also comes with the option of female therapists, perfect for Muslim ladies hopeful of a holiday spa session. Furthermore, as a Muslim guest you will have access to Arabic television channels as well as female housekeeping staff if necessary.

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