Paris's best Michelin star restaurants

Looking for some of the most tasteful cuisine in all of the world? Look no further than Paris, the food capital of Europe.

Michelin star restaurants in Paris

A country famous for its world-class fine cuisine, Paris is home to a number of the best Michelin starred restaurants in the world. Enjoy this list of some of our favorite places to wine and dine.


It’s difficult to find a dining experience that challenges your perception of food amidst fine service and a lovely setting. This triple Michelin starred restaurant is located right next to Le Bristol’s beautiful French-style garden, so you can wine and dine in style.
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Ambrosia was said to be the food of the gods on Mount Olympus. This restaurant manages to live up to its name fabulously. The menu is classical and sophisticated, with perfect execution to give each diner a true taste of Paris cuisine.
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Take a leap of faith and allow yourself to be surprised- no menu or a la carte choices in this restaurant! L’Astrance has won its three Michelin stars due to its excellent wine pairings and the artisan flavour of each course, carefully and creatively presented. After your meal, diners can take a five minute stroll to visit the Eiffel Tower just across the river.
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Le Pre Catelan

The famous Chef Anton never fails to impress with his carefully selected food pairings, cooked to perfection. Its friendly service is also praised, as it does not decline as this popular restaurant fills up with customers. Don’t forget to give this triple Michelin restaurant a visit.
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Pierre Gagnaire

Specializing in modern French cuisine, this flagship restaurant has long been known as a standard bearer of iconic French cuisine. Located in the Hotel Balzac and named after one of France’s most famous chefs, this restaurant truly gives every diner a taste of Paris.
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A quaint forest serves the backdrop to the vegetable-inspired cuisine of L’Arpege. This is only fitting, as the produce used are taken solely from the three surrounding vegetable gardens.
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L Abeille

L Abeille boasts unpretentious cuisine cooked and prepared to perfection. This restaurants wonders do not stop at its superb food, however. Located within the famous Shangri-La hotel, diners can enjoy their gourmet meal within an exclusive setting.
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