The best beer gardens and breweries in Munich

Discover the very best of Munich's most famed produce: beer. Now that's something we can raise a glass to! "Prosit!"
Trust me, you have never tasted beer like this! Take a sip of the most delicious brews that can be found in one of the beer capitals of Europe. Our insiders have arduously sniffed out the finest Bavarian brews to make for the perfect beer-lovers holiday in Munich.


Likely the most internationally renowned brand, Löwenbräu has expanded from its humble brewing beginnings extending as far back as 1324 to the major label sampled around the world today.

Löwenbräukeller’s present, cosy beer-hall has undergone recent renovations, brightening the atmosphere but keeping its historic heart, and, most importantly, keeping the golden Bavarian Löwenbräu beers. In summer months, Löwenbräukeller’s beer-garden hosts nearly 1,000 guests in its relaxed, outdoor space.

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Paulaner Brewery and Beer Garden

Another member of Munich’s “Big Six” brewing companies and frequently labeled as one of the best, the Paulaner Bräuhaus, with its wirtshaus (tavern) and biergarten (beergarden), is now one of the largest in Munich.

There’s the traditional tavern atmosphere of dark wood and large windows and the open beergarden, but its the brew that everyone comes for. Classically delicious Paulaner, a pale, sweet lager, Thomasbräu, a light or non-alcoholic draft, or Salvator, the (in)famous dark beer that is guaranteed to knock your socks off.

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With its 1930s interiors carefully restored in 2007, the Parkcafé has returned as one of the Munich’s most relaxing and beautiful places to imbibe.

Behind the neoclassical façade, a vibrant interior has invited many a celebrity, while the beer-garden is the most stunning in the city, located amongst the lush botanical gardens. Not attached to a brewery, this is a terrific place to sample a wide range of different drafts from around the city.

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Care to drink like royalty? Hofbräuhaus is the place. Founded by the Duke of Bavaria in 1589, the world-famous Hofbräuhaus and its eponymous brew, Hofbräu, has even saved the city from destruction when 600,000 barrels were traded to spare a Swedish invasion in the 17th century.

While it might be the most touristed beer-hall in town, this spectacular structure, emblazoned with the iconic HB logo and visited by the likes Mozart and John F. Kennedy, is well worth a visit.

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Augustiner Keller

Augustiner Bräu invariably tops the charts when it comes to Munich’s beer tradition. Augustiner is Munich’s oldest surviving brewery, dating from the 13th century when it was created by monks who drank it while fasting, and, whether by divine aid or some ancient brewing secret, has been consistently called Munich’s best beer.

At the Augustiner Keller, a variety of restaurant rooms provide a selection of cosy and grand settings for enjoying this divine brew, while the outdoor beer-garden is perfect for soaking up some sun.

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