Tips from our ski expert to the slopes of Méribel!

To make sure you are always on the best slopes, in the snow guaranteed area of Méribel our ski expert compiled everything into his all in one guide. This includes the slopes to visit, fun parks, snow parks and an interactive slope plan!
Méribel is part of Les 3 Vallées and if you like to ski, climb or hike – Méribel has a lot to offer for every individual. In the beautiful alpine surrounding Méribel is a paradise for any passionate winter sports person! Our ski expert Alexander Henke checked out the ski area to find out what you need to know about skiing in Méribel in this clear online guide.

Méribel-Mottaret (for children and beginners)

The slopes of Méribel-Mottaret are relatively small, which makes it the perfect area for first time skiers of all ages.

Top tip: In Méribel-Mottaret you will also find a couple of long slopes, just like the Olympic women’s slope, which is great to try by advanced skiers!

Inuit Dorf (for children)

The Inuit valley is the perfect spot for children. With many fun activities on offer, the kids can try the slalom and have great fun!

Top tip: The Moon Wild slope features fun animal figures, which the kids must see – wonderful for children and perhaps adults who are still young at heart!

Saulire (for advanced skiers)

At a height of 2,700 metres you will find one of the best slopes of the ski area. This area has a variety of different slopes and is idyllically beautiful. You can ski down nonstop to Mattaret, where you can take the gondola Pas du Lac to get back on the top of the mountain again.

Top tip: From Saulire you can also take the longest slope until Méribel – you may need to take a break on this slope!

Méribel Olympic (Insider tips)

The Olympic area of Méribel is at the edge of the ski area and is usually not very busy. This is all the better for you – because from here you can ski on challenging slopes in a wonderful mountain panorama!

Top tip: Before midday it is even quieter here – ideal for relaxed skiing in peace.

Tougnete (for families)

At Tougnete you will find a wide variety of slopes, which aren’t very busy. Families especially will enjoy their time here and you can ski together in a relaxed atmosphere!

Top tip: At around ten o’ clock the lift starts to get a little busy, this is because the lift is used as a connection to other parts of the ski area as well – if possible avoid being around this area at ten!

Mont Vallon (panorama skiing)

The near 3,000 metre high mountain is completely isolated from the rest of the ski area and offers many more different slopes. The special thing about this area is the surrounding. You can adore the natural landscapes and ski amongst the most beautiful hillside here!

Top tip: The gondola brings you straight up to this area!

Val Thorens (for freeriders)

This area is a paradise for freeriders – fluffy powder snow and the untouched snowy landscapes are incredibly beautiful!

Top tip: Safety first - before you free ride please read the security rules, especially regarding the dangers of avalanche here!

Snowpark Le P’tit Moon (for kids, snowboarder and freestyler)

This snow park offers everything for those who like to have fun in the snow! As an example, for the children the park offers a mini-border cross slope and for the older ones, there are a variety of obstacles provided. Some easier than others!

Top tip: In the Olympia Park there is a ski kinder garden - Les Saturnins, which welcomes kids up to the age of 18months old.

Off the slopes (alternative winter sports activities)

Méribel has a vast offering of alternative winter sports activities. Whether it is snow shoe hiking, cross-country skiing or descending down hill on a snowmobile, Méribel is the place to be!

Top tip: Couples should treat themselves to a ride in the horse-drawn sleigh. You will ride next to beautiful views and underneath a warm blanket you shouldn’t get too cold!

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