The best hidden gems in Rome

Skip the crowds of tourists and stop by these unique opportunities tucked away between the well-known sites. Breathe in the friendly people, rich culture and mouth-watering cuisine of Rome.

Hidden Gems of Rome

There’s nothing as breathtaking as the Trevi Fountain and Colosseum of Rome, but you will surely find yourself struggling to push past masses of tourist groups. Enjoy some of the lesser-known attractions that will allow you to truly breathe in the wonderful people, rich culture and mouth-watering cuisine of the city.

Monte Mario

At 139 meters high, Monte Mario is the tallest peak in Rome. Only a fifteen minutes’ drive, this destination is tourist-free but still reachable from the center of the city.

The panoramic view of Rome is breathtaking, both during the day and at night. Atop one hill is the historic church of Santa Maria Rosario, on another rests the Monte Mario Observatory and the Museo Astronomico Copernicano, which holds a valuable collection of instruments used in the study of stars throughout Copernicus and Galileo’s time.

Food Tours

Discover the taste of Rome by following a local down a path of carefully selected bistros, bakeries and wine cellars. You will meet the chefs and owners, many of whom have had the restaurant in their family for generations.

Each tasting is accompanied with insights on the local tradition and food culture of the surrounding area, so you will leave with both a satisfied stomach and new knowledge on the culture of the neighborhood.

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Testaccio Market

Why not visit a market to see what the Romans are buying? The highlight of the picturesque town of Testaccio is its friendly locals and remarkable taste in food. With its energetic atmosphere, you can find anything from second-hand furniture to fresh vegetables harvested that same day.

If your hunger can’t wait, stop at a stand serving fresh sandwiches or visit a local café to relax.

Santa Prassede

Tucked into a quiet alley and across from the famous Santa Maria Maggiore rests the Santa Prassede, a hidden gem among all other Roman churches.

This 8th century church has a quality of preservation unlike any other, which means that the vibrant Byzantine mosaic walls stretching all the way up to the roofs are breathtaking and unforgettable. Outshined by the countless other famous churches in Rome, this beauty is often overlooked by many tourists.

Piazza Dei Cavalieri di Malta

Although many think a visit to the Vatican is a must for a good Roman holiday, the crowds of people and constant camera flashes might leave you frustrated. The Piazza Dei Cavalieri di Malta allows you to admire the chapel in a far more interesting way.

Take a look through the keyhole on the aged doorway; you will be met with the view of St. Peter’s dome aligned perfectly. Just a stone’s throw away rests the “secret garden”, also known as Villa del Priorato di Malta, a picturesque grove with a fabulous view overlooking the city.

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