London's best-connected gentleman

Meet the best-connected man in London: Michael DeCozar, Head Hall Porter of legendary London hotel The Ritz and the owner of the capital's most amazing book of contacts.
Step into the foyer of The Ritz and you’ll be greeted by a member of staff in smart blue livery and immaculate white gloves. In charge of this well-dressed army is Head Hall Porter and Ritz legend, Michael DeCozar.

Genial and exceptionally courteous, DeCozar boasts the distinction of 39 years at The Ritz and innumerable satisfied customers.

Such an iconic hotel needs concierges who are rather unique in their approach to customer service, and the concierge team under his command is exactly that.

DeCozar says that he thinks of it like show-business: “You’re on show, and you are part of a performance The Ritz is putting on every day”.

Part showmen, part fixers, part gracious hosts, The Ritz concierges are there to help you from the minute you enter this grand London establishment until the minute you leave.

And they really mean that, no matter how large, small or bizarre your request may be.

Customer service in another dimension

The secret to granting a guest their heart’s desire is deceptively simple.

DeCozar credits an exemplary level of attention to detail and an astonishing memory as key to his success rate.

Scorning modern technology, he prides himself on being able to remember the names, faces and preferences of every Ritz guest, all without writing it down.

The result is a truly amazing sense of personal service.

Moreover, an extensive career dealing with an unimaginable array of guest quandaries has left him with a sterling reputation as a professional problem-solver and a fat book of contacts.

A man in the know

Getting you tickets to a sold-out show or your favourite table at a top London restaurant is just the easy stuff.

Over the years, a desire to fulfil guests’ wishes has included DeCozar giving his shoelaces to the chairman of a private bank, who was on his way to an important meeting and couldn’t find round laces to fit his eyelet holes.

More bizarre still was a request to send a suit of armour to Australia, and he has even bought a battleship, with the intriguing caveat that “the bigger, the better”.

Where mere mortals would have some qualms about how to even start looking, DeCozar promptly had a decommissioned warship dispatched to his customer.

As you would expect, he is exceptionally discreet about the source of the request, but concedes he was happy to grant the guest’s wish by means of magnificent networking and personal dedication to the concierge cause.

Ritz guests can rest assured that, from the sublime to the ridiculous, the best connected man in London will fulfil your request with the same courteous touch of DeCozar magic.

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