The best day tours and excursions from Venice

Explore the wonders of the Veneto Region with our handy insider guide to the best day-trips from Venice.
While Venice is a wonder of culture, art, history, and excitement, sometimes a day out is just what the doctor ordered. Make the most of your holiday and wander through our little list of our favourite day-trips around Venice.


Not far from home in the Venetian lagoon lies Murano, a series of small islands linked by bridges and world-renowned for its delicate and beautiful glassmaking. Moving from Venice in the 13th century, the legendary glassmakers set up shop in Murano, where they have since plied their stunning trade for over 700 years.

Explore the charming islands and the glass shops and the intricate glassmaking process—we recommend Yalos Murano Glass or the Pauly & C Glass Factory, the oldest in Murano, in particular—only a short boat-ride from Venice. With plenty of delicious restaurants much less crowded with tourists, make perfect day of shopping and exploring.

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For lovers of history, literature, and romance, Verona should not be missed. The city is synonymous with romance at every level: explore the city Shakespeare immortalised in Romeo and Juliet at Juliet’s Balcony, the breathtaking medieval Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, the stunning Piazza Brà, or the captivating Roman ruins including the world-famous Verona Arena and the theatre of Verona.

An ideal escape for couples includes a stroll through the Giardio Giusti one of Italy’s finest Renaissance gardens and a visit to the opera. Finish off the evening at Ristorante la Fontanina for delectable and romantic Michelin-starred cuisine.

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Take in another Shakespearean setting at Padua (or Padova), where you can find Italian charm at its height. There are stunning sights—sculptures, churches, squares, historical edifices, gardens—here by the dozen, so spend at least a day to make the most of it.

The Basilicas of Santa Giustina and Sant Antonio and the Scrovegni Chapel are particularly special, as are a meander through the botanical garden or the Prato della Valle square.

Stop by the University of Padua, one of the oldest in the world and hosted Galileo Galilei among its faculty, and a delectable coffee at the 200 year-old Pedrocchi Café.

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Escape the tourist buzz of Venice for its charming neighbour, Chioggia. Like a miniature of Venice, Chioggia boasts beautiful canals, stunning architecture, and truly delicious Mediterranean delicacies.

Take a short boat-trip from Venice across the lagoon and then spend a relaxing day wandering the winding streets. Explore the clock-tower museum and the oldest clock-tower in the world, or try some of the world’s best seafood at the Michelin-starred El Gato restaurant.

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