The most hip restaurants in Milan

The style doesn’t stop at the catwalk—check out our picks for the tastiest and most stylish restaurants in Italy’s fashion capital: Milan.

EDA Milano

Dramatically contrasting reds and blacks produce a glamourous effect in this exquisite Italian restaurant. Located in a warehouse hidden within the courtyard of a 19th century palazzo, EDA captures a flare of the contemporary chic while delivering mouthwatering cuisine.

Only a short metro ride from the centre of town, this one will crush your appetite without seriously denting your wallet with its perfectly prepared pan-Italian cuisine.

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Restaurant da Giacomo

A secret favourite of Giorgio Armani, da Giacomo restaurant and bistrot offers meals as perfectly tailored as Armani’s suits.

Epitomising the stylishness of a French bistrot, da Giacomo hints at a darker, masculine English design with its polished woods and warm, velvet textiles. The food matches this classic atmosphere with expertly prepared meats and game served simply, so nothing distracts from the quality of the ingredients.

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La Veranda and Il Teatro

Start Sunday morning off in the epitome of style at Il Teatro, The Four Seasons Milano’s restaurant famed for its brunches.

Not only are these scrumptious mid-morning offerings truly to die for (if you need convincing, take a peak inside the Chocolate Room), but in the evening, both the elegantly designed Il Teatro and the bright and gorgeous La Veranda restaurant provide exquisite food and wine pairing events to highlight the unique and delectable mélanges from the world-class Italian chef.

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Il Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala

Located right near the Opera, Il Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala perfectly encapsulates the elegance and modern style that has become integral to Milan’s fashion world.

Enormous windows, simple but highly refined décor and design, and highly polished materials surround you while you savour some of Milan’s most delightful cuisine.

Having earned another Michelin star in 2013, the inimitable quality of both the restaurant and the downstairs café shows no signs of declining.

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Opened in 2007, this young restaurant’s young chef doesn’t need his two Michelin stars to show that he is one of the top culinary artists in Milan (and Italy as a whole).

Cracco perfectly blends modern stylishness with an elegance and romance that evokes the glamourous Italian heritage in much the same way as Chef Carlo Cracco blends the freshest ingredients into a veritable poem of flavours. Chic style and refinement at every turn, there’s no place to offer a more ideal meal.

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